Learn to Earn Model

Learn to earn model just makes more sense than what is currently being offered by traditional education systems.
Who hasn't dreamed of learning the guitar, or starting a new business or photography or yoga? We all want to learn new skills, but most often people think that education is something you do early in your life. You go to school to memorize facts, to get good grades, to hopefully make your parents happy and get a job. Then you can use that job to pay off student debt and save up enough to get a mortgage on a house.
What I'm describing is the 9-to-5 lifestyle that used to be sought after and is now people's worst case scenario.
With the evolution of technology and societies conciseness growing, people don't want that typical 9 to 5 life that has been seen as the dream- seen as the only option for people to live.
People now want to work from anywhere, focusing on their passions and their gifts and having the opportunity to make as much money as possible doing the things that they love.
This opportunity to live anywhere, learn anything and work on our passions is available.

How does STAGE allow people to earn from their learning?

Through the use of our layer 2 solution built on the ETH blockchain, our platform has the ability to mint and send NFTs for free to our users.
When a user completes a video, a course or attends an event within our platform they are automatically airdropped a new NFT into their wallet that acts as a certificate of completion.
Our users earn these NFTs the same way someone earns a college degree or a good grade on a test. When you complete a lesson or learn a new skill, you are given the certificate to prove that you learned and are now capable of being hired.

Why we need to reward our students?

The whole idea of rewards can be explained by examining how a dog learns to not shit on your living room carpet. When you first get a puppy, they have no idea the rules of the house and they come with no tricks. They piss and shit in your house, they don't know how to sit, give paw, or do anything that resembles intelligence.
To get a dog to learn new skills (being potty trained) you must reward them with treats. If you want your dog to listen to you, hold a treat in front of them and reward them if they listen.
In this example, the reward for a dog is food.
For humans, the reward is money, status, connection or social credibility.
People are like all creatures, we need to be rewarded to listen.
In our platform, our users are rewarded with new NFTs.

NFTs as certificates.

Right now, most people see NFTs as a jpeg images that are being sold for millions of dollars and nobody seems to understand what is going on.
At first, the only utility people saw for NFTs was an easy way to sell digital art with limited supply and automatic royalties to the creator.
Then, people started to see another utility for NFTs- building community. Through the use of '10k drops' communities like the BAYC or CryptoPunks formed that has generated millions of dollars and brought thousands of people together with the goal of supporting each other.
STAGE is taking the utility 1 step further, by providing a way to not just buy NFTs, but earn them through learning.
We are using NFTs as certificates of completion to showcase what skills a member has learned.
NFTs because they are on the blockchain, can be verified and trusted to showcase someones true learning.
As someone completes a course, they are given an NFT that represents that course.
As someone attends an event, they are given an NFT that represents their attendance.
And the list of 'triggers' can reward users will be built out overtime to include both on-blockchain events and off-blockchain events.
For example, someone takes a real college class- using integrations like chainlink we can actually mint an NFT to show this within our platform.
Or when someone attends a yoga class, runs a marathon or donates to a charity- we can also display this within our platform. The goal is for our users to have a single profile, a single source of truth that lives on the blockchain that displays who they really are. Not just hot photos on instagram, or 200 character on twitter, or degrees on linked in. But a real measure of who someone is, what they know, what they are working on, what projects they have completed and so on.
The point is this: if you want someone (or yourself) to create a new habit and change their life- the best way is to use rewards.

Our goal is to replace Resumes and college degrees.

Times are changing, technology is changing and global temperature is changing.
But, education as remained the same for hundreds of years. Your guess is as good as mine as to why we still teach our youth to be factory workers, learning to be subordinate robots that get in line and do as they are told.
Kids are still learning the same things our parents and grandparents were taught.
We learn broad topics like math, science, writing and reading- but we don't teach kids tangible skills that they can use and learn to get jobs and create change for this world.
How many of you have actually used the equation a^2+B^2=C^2 ?
How many of you ever needed to know about Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue?
How many of you ever used structured 5 sentence paragraphs and cursive writing?
It's upsetting to sit here and think about how much my personal creativity with robbed from me as a kid. I was told "you are good at math and science but terrible at writing and art". I grew up thinking and believing that I was uncapable of painting, singing, dancing or doing anything that resembles art. When I grew up and found out that very few people are actually born with the skill of singing and painting, but instead learned about to make art?!
This concept that art was learnable blew my mind because I genuinely thought some people were born with an ability and that's the end of the story.
STAGE founders feel that it would be wiser and more efficient to let kids (and adults) learn what they want to learn. And then, have kids learn skills that can be applied to jobs.
STAGE is created to allow anyone to learn new skills quickly and cost effectively that can be used to get paying jobs.
Our motto:
First you learn, then you earn.