Created for NFT Communities
Why is Stage a good solution for NFT communities?
NFT communities right now are just a bunch of promises on a roadmap. The future of a NFT community relies solely on the future promise that the leaders will use their funds to create a worth while experience and value for its members.
But when you buy an NFT all you get right away is a private discord channel with thousands of members chatting about random things all day. There is no real way to connect with the members, nor is there a way to organize the information to be viewed easily be the members.
We feel that NFT communities should have a central hub for all of its members, so that the moment you buy or own an NFT, their is a way to connect with all of the members , collaborate on projects, learn from each other, and connect in a way that is real and provides value for growth.
STAGE is our solution for these NFT communities that want to offer a more robust platform for their members and start making those roadmap promises less of a future event and more of a right now experience.

What can NFT founders do with Stage?

  1. 1.
    NFT gate their content using a wallet connect
  2. 2.
    Dashboard overview with up to date events via a newsfeed
  3. 3.
    Members directory
  4. 4.
    Online courses
  5. 5.
    Calendar of events
  6. 6.
    Helpful links
  7. 7.
    FAQ database for members to ask their founders questions