Why do we need stage in the first place?

The traditional education system of primary school, then high school and college is failing. Schools mostly teach broad subjects that don't provide students with a tangible skill that they can use later in life (to get a job).
Not to mention that school is expensive and puts thousands of students in college debt, forcing them to get a 9 to 5 job right after to pay off these loans for the next 10 years.
Online education has grown tremendously over the years, but we still feel like its missing the core mission - after you learn, you must earn. Online education although cheaper and more efficient than normal schooling, doesn't give students a certificate of any kind at the end that they can use to boost their resume and find future work to put those skills to use/ earn income.
Also, online education does a bad job of bringing its students together in community and creating a social life for its members.
Current online education fails its students in creating the proper motivation to get the paying students to actual learn and complete the courses they signed up for.

This is not us shit taking the education system.

I’m sure they are all doing their best. This is not the time to talk about what’s wrong with the current system or the fact that teachers are under qualified, underpaid and have no freedom to teach outside of a strict curriculum.
This certainly is not the time to talk about how parents drop their kids off at school thinking good grades will get them into a an Ivy League College with the promise of a high paying job.
And this is the not time to kill the American dream of getting a desk job just so they can get a mortgage on a neighborhood home 2 blocks away from where they grew up.
No, no.
We don’t have time for that.

Now is the time to talk about a solution.

Cheap, fast and efficient education accessible to all from anywhere in the world.
A way to allow teachers to make as much money as they deserve- getting compensated by results instead of a steady salary.
Often overlooked, the occupation of being a teacher is actually one of the most crucial jobs in society. The problem is that teachers are underpaid, undervalued and under-experienced. We have college professors teaching business classes who make 80k/year and have never built a business in their life.
A better model for teaching is allowing an opportunity for successful creators, influencers, celebs who have a lot to share and real life experience a platform to teach + make a lot of money doing it.
The whole teaching industry needs a rebrand. I have learned more about business from people like Gary Vee, Grant Cardon, Grahm Stephan and Tony Robbins for free on Youtube than I did paying 50k a year in college.
Similar to how Instagram made everyone a model/photographer. Stage will make everyone a teacher/educator.
As you learn, you earn and are giving certificates of completion in the form of NFTs.
And after you are done learning a skill, you will be in a marketplace to get hired right away from inside the platform.

Why use NFTs to create online education communities?

NFTs through their inherent nature provide the perfect way to get students invested into their learning. USD payments and monthly memberships make learning feel more like an expense than an investment. And with the option to request refunds at any moment, isn't good for business but is even worse for the student with a dream of learning something new as refunds give students an easy way out.
With NFTs, members can buy into the actual community, get lifetime access to the knowledge, get a tangible receipt of their investment and don’t need to feel like they are wasting their money on something without an obvious form return on investment.
NFTs give students an energetic, spiritual and financial incentive to learn new skills and complete whatever course they sign up for. Say goodbye to refunds, because now members will actually have a say in the future of the course and be encouraged to provide helpful feedback to the group.
As members create more value for the group, they create more value for themselves in the form of their NFT increasing in value.
We are using NFTs not only as an admission ticket into the community, but also to give students a tangible way to prove they have a certain skill that is valuable. The same way a Harvard student flexes with their @harvard.edu email address, we know people will flex with their many NFT community passes that they have purchased and participated in.

What does learn to earn mean?

When we use the phrase learn to earn, we mean that as users learn inside of our platform they earn NFTs. Whether a student completed a course, attended an event, went to a party, hosted an event or even created their own content- they will earn NFTs that go straight to their wallet and displayed in their virtual resume.
Students can then share this resume with future employers to showcase who they really are- what they love to do, what they spend their time learning, what info they consume, what teachers they have learned from, what students they have worked with- all being verified by the blockchain.
We feel NFTs provide more security in understanding who someone really is than a college degree or a a typed resume on a worddoc.