Our Roadmap:

Release of user profiles

Built in web conferencing to replace zoom calls

Why build our on web conferencing app when people can use Zoom?
There are 6 million paying zoom members and lets be honest, their platform kind of sucks.
It's ugly and they never release new features.
We know we can capture the younger generation of remote workers, developers and NFT projects that need to collaborate on projects and work.
Here's how our web conferencing will be different:
  1. 1.
    Users can change the color of their 'skin' (how their video conferencing looks to others). People can buy, trade and swap their skins as NFTs right on our platform
  2. 2.
    All recordings will seamlessly go into their calendar + can be added to a course. This allows users to easily organize all of their zoom recordings
  3. 3.
    Users can make their meetings public and allow community members or the general public to tune into their meetings and gain backstage access to how businesses/projects get built in real time
  4. 4.
    Users can charge money to attend their web events
  5. 5.
    Users can easily chop, edit and export their recordings straight to their social media channels
  6. 6.
    Our web conferencing is easily integratabtle into VR and the Metaverse. Whenever the world adopts VR googles, our platform will be ready with them.