Sirens World- Welcome to Sirens World.

What is Sirens?

Sirens is a collection of 5k 3D modeled mermaid characters that gives access to an NFT community focusing on women in crypto and mental health. This community is lead by author Allie Michelle and actress Alexis Ren with other female leaders in the space coming onboard as founding members.
A true siren’s voice is powerful and needed in the world. She empowers her community to evolve together and embraces all sides of herself. Whether it be intelligence, beauty, business, or creativity….every siren is a work of art ready to step up as a leader in the space.

What is Siren's goal?

The goal of this community is to provide education to the female generation on crypto, NFTs, and blockchain so that women do not get left behind on the new metaverse that is emerging. The biggest problem right now in the NFT space is that it’s mostly male dominated. The women leaders of this community will help their members create their first wallet, use a crypto exchange and purchase their first NFT. We will then show the members the real and tangible utility behind NFTs and the potential they have in all of our futures.

What is the future of our community?

The future of the community will create a DAO to fund women lead businesses, buy plots of land in nature and create healing retreat centers to bridge the gap between online communities and real life communities. They will also gain access to mental health support such as events and workshops that offer breath work, yoga, the death meditation, and more.

Created by:

Alexis Ren
Allie Michelle
Ricki Bodner
Sammy Shawi
Chad Sonkin

The Art