Sammy Sells Stuff

What is our goal with SSS?

Sammy Sells Stuff NFT community has 1 primary goal: teaching sales. We know that sales are the number 1 skill to change someone’s financial future. No matter what you do in life- whether that be finding your soulmate, pitching your project to investors, getting a new job, making your current job more successful, bartering for a better airline ticket, or even just speaking to another human being- sales are the foundation.

What is SSS?

SSS is created by young yet experienced sales leaders who have been working at corporate companies and startups and have been in the sales industry for years. A collection of real-life experience, as well as the continued education that comes with the desire to dominate their industry, we want to distill that information to the masses and provide tangible opportunities to use it.

What are membership perks:

When someone buys this NFT, they will be giving access to: -Online courses -Weekly calls with industry leaders, sales gurus, and business moguls from a variety of fields -Private chats and Community with leaders boards based around KPI sales metrics to see how you rank up against the world -Job and Sales Opportunities We are creating the sales community and knowledge base that we wish we had when leaving school and entering the real world. If only people knew that they are 1000 phone calls, emails, or clicks away from never worrying about money again. SSS will have hundreds and thousands of sales professionals networking and connecting, learning and teaching sales courses, and weekly live calls. As well as, in person parties, “corporate retreats”, bar rentals, basketball tournaments, and more! SSS is an army of sales leaders aiming to MASTER sales and well... SELL STUFF. and that's just for the Sales Reps.

All members get a guaranteed job.

The best part, we can guarantee jobs to anyone that owns this NFT as we have partnered with 2 current companies that offer 100% sales commission jobs. Breadify financial- ( accounting firm that provides tax help to self-employed individuals SourceEnergy- Solar energy company that specializes in residential solar panel sales with an emphasis on sustainability and green energy

What is the future of SSS?

We are striving to create an ecosystem where not only are we training and organizing the people who buy our NFT into the most passionate and successful salespeople, but also... To offer our NFT’s to businesses who are looking for a group of dedicated individuals to sell their products. Purchasing our NFT allows access for everyone from businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and more to post their products and services up to be sold by our community. We Train them, We give them opportunities, and we SELL STUFF.