3rd Eye Crown NFTs
A collection of 3k unique and diverse Alien 3rd eye crowns giving access to higher realms. These NFTs are built on a layer 2 solution called Immutable X (no gas fees). These 3rd eye crowns are here to represent royalty in our new Metaverse world.
Alexis has built a community of over 10k paying members over the past year with the focus on women empowerment and mental health. Her community platform comes with over 200+ educational videos on fitness, financial success, mental health, skincare, ballet all with the theme of community and bringing her audience together.
Her NFTs are an addition to her already existing community. Through the use of the blockchain technology, she is able to really build a more invested and empowered community by giving her members a way to become owners/investors into the group instead of just paying a monthly fee. Through the use of immutable x’s layer 2 solution, she is able to offer no gas fees and a credit card check out option with the goal of onboarding her younger and women focused audience into the NFT space.

Created by:

Alexis Ren


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